Friday, December 11, 2015

cherating mangrove river cruise@ nature with wildlife watch on boating..
doesn't matter..monsoon season or not..
morning 9am or after noon 4pm trip both are good time for watch the nature and wildlife.
Monday we closed.
PLEASE CONTACT: +6017 978 9256/ +6017 940 6898/ +6017 915 4263

salam to all..
of course..monsoon season are the best time for fireflies..
yes.more fireflies  maybe because of rain..so according to my study..most of the back of riverbank are wet..so fireflies easy to lay eggs on the back of the riverbank( that is their importance habitat),,,more and more fireflies.
if you are personal or a couple of friends or mid groups of family member ..i recommended for fireflies watch on now monsoon season.more fireflies less tourists ...special trips for you all.