Tuesday, October 14, 2014

actually monsoon season is the best time to watch the fireflies. because maybe fireflies like moisture ( little wet and dry too) that's i learned about the  fireflies.( cherating fireflies).
but if heavy rain...no fireflies or we can't  see the fireflies because they hide under the leave.
                                     welcome come to all of my nature lovers...once in a life time please come together with love ones, watch the fireflies trip with me.
i like to sharing what i study about the cherating fireflies ( P.teroptyx Bearni/ Non Synchronous , Prof Ohba ( Japan), Sonny Wong ( MNS,Malaysia).
especially how they communication each other for mating reason.
of cause if you come holiday season..you have to share with other too many tourists ( local and oversea), but if you come not the holiday season....i like to show you on the fireflies trips...honestly you an't believe that. how my cherating fireflies are friendly..sure...they come to you.( when i call to them)..
so you can see closer on your hand. how Allah created that little fireflies are how amazing.
that's my signboard ...road side.
sharing little facts about the fireflies,before go on boating for fireflies watch

call the names  and to go onto the boat.

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