Monday, August 1, 2016

Not about the Money....

of cause..i love the fireflies..actually little insect has light organ so we call it firefly?or amazing!
honestly to share..fireflies are yes they communication with signal of flash patterns..but all the time not the same..logically similar to us.they are talking or commutation for  logically scientists discovered for two reasons..1st reason for mating , 2nd reason for warning each others from stay away from enemies , predators..
but my experience study on our cherating mangrove river fireflies ( non synchronous) ...
flash patterns are mostly not the same..
for mating purpose..
stay away or warning..
weather forecast..
timing ( time by time)..after sunset different flash light from normal mating flash..
air pollution..situation..
windy situation... their flash patterns are not same.
i considered logically similar to human.. 

this is not about the marketing for my ( hafiz's cherating fireflies watch) activities for that.
just like to share same like you all..we love the nature, love the fireflies too.
so if you interesting about cherating fireflies..please when you get holiday or your vacation with friends or family please take tour for fireflies watch with me..
i will take to you all for fireflies watch at night by cherating mangrove river.


  1. I'll spend my holiday with family end of April 2017 29 n 30th April...n would like to join da mangrove n firefly may i contact you hafiz? Tq in advance..

  2. Sy igt nak bercuti ke cherating & nk join activity tgk fireflies bulan mei, next 2 weeks. Encik ada buat package ke? Mcm mana nk contact encik hafiz ye?

  3. Assalamualaikum.nak tnya.does your package Firefly tour available on Monday?

  4. For kuantan and cherating
    tour or transportation service kindly contact tour agent +60129881666 ..tq

    1. thanks my friend.provide to my tourists your very good services