Sunday, February 25, 2018

fireflies watch @ cherating mangrove river

mostly people are known thsi little tiny amazing insect.
yes ..they are each other communication with flash signal pattern..
common we know 1st signal for mating purpose, 2nd is to warning each other or to predator go away , stay away from them.
but last a few months ago, i discovered one more flash signal pattern..that i called weather forecast especially for rain..
of cause  i do every night bring the many tourists for fireflies watch at our cherating mangrove river.
so i noticed that when the rain is coming soon my fireflies give me signal when i see theses signal i back to jetty..because rain is coming within 10 minutes..but some time we are ( all the boats load of tourists) far from jetty , so before get back to jetty every body get rain.
i got too many time on the trips i can say ( i know) when i get different signal from my fireflies we are on time back to jetty.

so normally two type of flash signal pattern, but now i more flash signal pattern for weather forecast.
that's amazing.
in future if i got new flash signal discover i will share again to you all fireflies lovers.
some of pictures i like to share about the firefly.
hopefully you will love it.
hafiz's cherating activities

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