Wednesday, March 18, 2015

this a few days for fireflies watching trips...a a lots of tourists..mostly local...some oversea too...
but for the fireflies...not many yet.. i have experience   like this situation a few time already..when high tide come at night...some time come with sea when we drive the boat beautiful ...too many spot light in the sea water..( river) but for the fireflies....when i see too many sea plankton...fireflies are less and less communication too. actually weather is so good...dark, but we can not watch the fireflies beautifully...maybe these sea plankton light are affect on fireflies?...still i study.
also about the fireflies.....after full 3 to 4 night or one week are most amazing night for the fireflies watch..little tiny fireflies light are too bright than normal night.
maybe according to our old peoples saying that firefly get energy from the after full moon day ( night time) they ( fireflies) have full of too bright their flash pattern...

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