Thursday, April 16, 2015

 if you can't find my number one the moment i just look for new signboard. green colour 4x8'.

actually i am not a fireflies expert at all.. but personally i love the i learned, study..on it..after that we know already nowadays every where ...fireflies are go...went we all are nature lovers ..right!so i do the best with nature lovers .like you all.before go and watch for the fireflies clicking...i do sharing amazing information about fireflies ( especially Cherating Fireflies ( P.teroptyx-non synchronous)..when we fall to love fireflies ...we do need to protect to them twinkling every night.i will let you know how we have to protect to them or save to them   as a nature lover.we do start every night for fireflies trip. 7.30pm, one hour trip...please call for book...017 9789256 ( hafiz)/ 017 9406898 ( Yah,/ my wife).

wasp: +6017 9154263

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